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Revolutionizing Patient Data Protection with Privicore: HIPAA and GDPR Compliant

In a world where medical data breaches are alarmingly frequent, the protection of patient information is not just a priority—it’s a mandate. With AppsCo Privicore, healthcare institutions can confidently uphold HIPAA and GDPR standards, ensuring unparalleled data security.

HIPAA & GDPR: More Than Just Compliance

  • Beyond legal mandates, these regulations ensure patient trust and safety

  • Non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and irreparable damage to your reputation

  • Privicore ensures seamless adherence to both HIPAA and GDPR

The Devastating Threat of Stolen Medical Records:

  • Medical records are a goldmine for cybercriminals, often fetching higher prices than credit card details on the black market

  • Breaches can lead to identity theft, unauthorized access, and long-term damage to patients

Our Groundbreaking Solution: Privicore

  • Multi-layered onion model, designed for the healthcare sector’s unique challenges

  • Advanced encryption, tokenization, and decentralization techniques, all compliant with global standards

  • Ensures data privacy, traceability, and robust access control

Healthcare Sector Application: Decentralized Medical Research Collaboration

This decentralized platform is crafted to enable secure collaboration among medical researchers from various institutions.

Key Features

  • Data Tokenization: Researcher identities and personal details are tokenized, ensuring their privacy is upheld.

  • Secure Encryption: All research data and discoveries are encrypted, protecting the intellectual property.

  • True Decentralization: Research data is stored in a decentralized fashion, guaranteeing data accessibility and redundancy.

  • Consensus Voting: Researchers have the capability to vote on collaboration initiatives and data sharing requests, ensuring they retain control over their data.


  • Enhanced Privacy: The combination of tokenization and encryption guarantees that sensitive researcher details remain confidential.

  • Control Over Data Sharing: The voting mechanism empowers researchers to dictate who can access their data for collaboration purposes.

Ensure your medical institution is fortified against breaches and compliant with global standards

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